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Corsair CC-9011023-WWCORSAIR Carbide 200R Compact ATX Case


Maximum GPU Length : 420mm

  Corsair CC-9011023-WWCORSAIR Carbide 200R Compact ATX Case
  Corsair CC-9011023-WWCORSAIR Carbide 200R Compact ATX Case
Maximum CPU Cooler Height : 165mm
Maximum PSU Length: 200mm
Case Expansion Slots : 7. Radiator Compatibility- 120mm; 140mm; 240mm, Case Drive Bays(x3) 5.25 inch (x4) 3.5 inch (x4) 2.5 inch
Case Form Factor : Mid-Tower
  Corsair CC-9011023-WWCORSAIR Carbide 200R Compact ATX Case
Carbide Series 200R is compact, but it’s designed to let you build high-performance systems with massive storage, extra graphics performance, and superior cooling and ventilation. Less work. More play. Build with the Carbide Series 200R and the only time you’ll need to pick up a screwdriver is to install the motherboard. The mid-tower form factor combines room for expandability and out-of-the-way exterior dimensions. Customer Service / Tech support: 1-888-222-4346 opt. 1
The current price is $71.21.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Moderate with a score of -0.08.
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  Corsair CC-9011023-WWCORSAIR Carbide 200R Compact ATX Case
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What are fans saying?
Was part of my first PC build, and was very easy to work in!
It has the power supply space on the bottom so it isn't top heavy, and there's plenty of room for cable management.
That would be great, if I was using them, but there's no included panels to cover the ones you don't need or want to use when setting up your airflow.
The only thing that I did not personally like is all of the open holes in the side cover of the case and on top of the case but some would prefer this because it would work great with a water cooler and could mount the radiator in the top of the case.
They really thought of everything here...if you don't care about your case being able to put on a light show and just want something that's easy to work with and amenable to whatever configuration you want, look no further.I did break a piece off one of the quick-release tabs for the drives while installing everything, but that was my own fault (I was inebriated and excited to finally actually have a case).
What are haters saying?
I'm returning this case and just got back from purchasing an Antec P100, which looks like it does have holes for the proper stand-offs, has many filters, and most importantly, has a very large slot in between the motherboard and the case for the end of the video card so I won't have the same problem where my PCIe video could would not fit in the PCIe slot.
The ventilation in it is awesome, and it is super easy to put all the parts in.
I would know, because this was my first ever PC build, and I had absolutely no trouble.However, the two audio jacks on the front don't work at all, and one of the stock fans only spins if I give it a little push, causing me to have to open up the case (which, did i mention, Corsair makes very easy with their screwdriver-less screws), and poke the fan blades every time I restart my computer.
This case is no longer being made.
This is definitely not a problem with the mic because it works well with all of my other devices.
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