Copperhead BBs, 1500 Count


caliber: 0.177

  Copperhead BBs, 1500 Count
  Copperhead BBs, 1500 Count
quantity: 1500 BBs
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The only copper-coated steel BB's. Sold in a user-friendly, resealable plastic bottle with an easy-pour spout. 1500 count.
The current price is $2.89.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.48.
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What are fans saying?
Thanks for a fast delivery of all the bb's I will need for a while.
Bought this to mix paints well in a spray bottle and it does the trick perfectly!
Great for the price and still haven't use them all.
They are bbs .
Perfect size and no deformation of the bbs what so ever.
What are haters saying?
Not working as expected.
They're too light they curve when you shoot the zinc ones are better they fly straight more accurate if you'd like to improve your product make it more of a heavier grain it fly better andbe more accurate.
Also I paid a $4 difference at a different store called the Big R it's in Thornton Colorado I paid almost $15 for what I ordered through Amazon.
The description said 4 pack of 1500 bbs.
I only received 1 single 1500 bb container.
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