Command Outdoor Light Clips Value Pack, Clear, 32-Clips (17017CLRAWVPES)


Damage-Free hanging

  Command Outdoor Light Clips Value Pack, Clear, 32-Clips (17017CLRAWVPES)
  Command Outdoor Light Clips Value Pack, Clear, 32-Clips (17017CLRAWVPES)
Color: Clear
Size: Small
Package Contents: 32-Clips, 36-Strips
Specially designed for the outdoors
Command Outdoor Light Clips give you the freedom to hang your holiday lights in new places outdoors. String your lights around a door, up the siding, under the soffits, around a window, or along the gutter all without nails or screws with no damage. Using a new formulation of the revolutionary Command Adhesive, these Outdoor Hooks are made to work outside. And like all Command Products, they leave no holes, marks, stains or sticky residue.
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What are fans saying?
These clips work great for what I need.
I do not take the cords in and out of the clips, so I cannot say how often they snap.As with all Command products, these clips are easy to attach, come off cleanly if you need to move them, and you can always buy replacement tape.Pay attention to weight limits.
Works great for hanging lights.
I used these to place a cable cord above a door and they worked perfectly!
I used some smaller clips mainly on the sides of the windows to keep the lights where I want them, but these heavier clips are holding the weight of the lights (mini LEDs).
What are haters saying?
It holds the lights pretty well, but the tail of the tape looks so odd on the wall.
Sticky strips are not clear (they are in the picture) I purchased these as I needed more to hang some lights up outside and they came with the white foam strips instead of the clear plastic.
I had used these to hang lights on my house, I was a few short so bought this package, very disappointed, package was opened and 4 strips were missing.
Now the three that I tried to hang up and didn't stick I don't have no sticky strips for.
Not have to paint that area and return these to Amazon.
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