Command Cord Clips, Small, Clear, 8-Clips (17302CLRES)


For work or home offices and entertainment areas.

  Command Cord Clips, Small, Clear, 8-Clips (17302CLRES)
  Command Cord Clips, Small, Clear, 8-Clips (17302CLRES)
Keeps cords out of the way.
Ideal for organizing multiple cord sizes.
Damage-Free Hanging
Clear clips, clear strips
  Command Cord Clips, Small, Clear, 8-Clips (17302CLRES)
The product is SM Cord Clip/Aches Strip. Easy to use. The product is manufactured in United States.
The current price is $1.98.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Moderate with a score of +0.04.
The current sales rank is 2022.
  Command Cord Clips, Small, Clear, 8-Clips (17302CLRES)
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What are fans saying?
And given that restriction, I think that these have worked reasonably well.
And since I needed to move the cable at one point, I've also taken a few off the wall, and I had no problems in doing so; no paint came off, and you can't tell that anything was stuck to the wall before.
So, if you can't put holes in your wall, these seem to work well.However, given that you have to stick each hook to the wall and wait an hour before you can use it, it's _way_ more of a pain to use these hooks than the normal ones that use nails.
They _do_ avoid needing to put holes in the wall, but IMHO, that's their only advantage.So, if you can use the more standard hooks that you nail to the wall, I'd stick to the those over using these.
But if you can't put holes in the wall for whatever reason, then these are the best alternative that I'm aware of.
What are haters saying?
So I put the clips in the places that I wanted them and just kept them there for a few hours to let them set (and I had to get my computer set up).
I used them to hang up a string of fairy lights that doesn't weigh much at all, so I'm not sure why a few of them stuck to the wall while the others just fell.
The plastic arms broke that hold the cords in place.
I bought many Command products to use once I paint walls but removing clips is hard and they take off a layer of the dry wall when you remove them.
The cord clips without a moveable arm, while a little bigger than I need, are much more durable for cords that need to be moved.
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