Coleman Tent Kit


Four 10-in. steel tent pegs with flat striking head to secure your tent

  Coleman Tent Kit
Rubber mallet to comfortably secure stakes in the ground
Nesting hand broom and dustpan to help keep dirt and debris off tent floor
Steel rod stake puller to easily pull stakes
All kit tent essentials fit inside included mesh carry bag
You've got the perfect tent. Help keep it that way with the Coleman Tent Kit. Set up the tent quickly with the steel tent pegs and rubber mallet. Keep it clean for the entire campout with the nesting hand broom and dustpan. When the fun is done, use the tent stake puller to get the pegs out of the ground easily. All four of these important tools fit nicely inside the mesh carry bag for the next adventure.
The current price is $6.84.
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What are fans saying?
I think it's a great kit to have handy.
It was a nice little set.. Good for the price.
The stakes are perfect and the mallet worked well.
This is a must to go camping good quality.
This is perfect for camping, we needed extra stakes and a mallet and the little broom came in handy for our tent as well.
What are haters saying?
I've used this kit twice and have already had the plastic head break off of two of the stakes and the stake remover is bent, making it useless.
I've had it sitting on my deck for three weeks and it's still off gassing.
The stakes bend very easily and the rubber mallet is too soft and breaks apart from hitting the stakes.
Cannot keep in your hour or everything will smell like the rubber.
It looks amazing but the smell from the rubber in the mallet is horrible.
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