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Clipco Binder Clips Small 1-Inch Black (144-Pack)


144 Bulk Pack of Black Binder Clips

  Clipco Binder Clips Small 1-Inch Black (144-Pack)
  Clipco Binder Clips Small 1-Inch Black (144-Pack)
Contains 12 boxes with 12 binder clips
  Clipco Binder Clips Small 1-Inch Black (144-Pack)
Strong metal clamps with a opaque black finish
Shiny silver lever arms
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Clipco binder clips are made of durable, long-lasting materials that are perfect for your every day needs. Ideal for schools, offices and home. This binder clip is made of steel with a smooth black powder coat finish and nickel plated handles. The clamp action is strong to secure paper documents and for a multitude of uses. Clipco offers a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.
The current price is $10.95.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Very Good with a score of +0.67.
The current sales rank is 8242.
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What are fans saying?
The pins are great, they came just as advertised.
They are clips.
These are nice quality clips, but they are not suitable for clipping 3-4 pieces of paper together.
I ordered these and they are pretty much exactly what I had previously used and were even a little cheaper.
I love the clips and use them.
What are haters saying?
Not much help.
Wires keep coming out.
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