Cavicide 24 oz. Trigger Spray


Rolyn Prest

  Cavicide 24 oz. Trigger Spray
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Cavicide, 24 oz trigger spray - Ready-to-use hospital disinfectant cleaner is formulated to control cross - contamination. Kills TB (in 5 minutes) & HBV (in 3 minutes). Virucidal (hydrophilic & lipophilic), bactericidal, tuberculocidal & fungicidal. Safe for all inanimate non-porous surfaces, including plastics, stainless steel, chrome, glass, plexiglass, hard rubber, painted surfaces. Rolyan products are internationally licensed & manufactured for home & clinical use.
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It kills everything!
I have always used this stuff.
Love knowing everything is super clean.
We use this in our Fitness Center for students to clean off the machine before or after they use it.
Works great.
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No haters yet!
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