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Case Logic LAPS-111 Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 10" Netbook or Tablet Sleeve, Purple


Case Logic Laps-111 Carrying Case (sleeve) For 11.6 Ultrabook - Purple - Impact Resistant Interior - Eva Foam - Textured

  Case Logic LAPS-111 Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 10
  Case Logic LAPS-111 Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 10
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  Case Logic LAPS-111 Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 10
this Subtly Detailed, Traditional Sleeve Provides A Streamlined Option That Fits Within Anyone's Comfort Zone. The Wrap Construction Cradles Your Netbook In Substantial Foam Padding, And Thoughtful Details Add Hints Of Sophisticated Styling. Slide This Sleek Sleeve Easily Into Your Briefcase, Backpack, Tote Or Other Bag.
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  Case Logic LAPS-111 Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 10
  Case Logic LAPS-111 Carrying Case (Sleeve) for 10
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What are fans saying?
I needed a case to carry both a 10.5 inch tablet in a folio case, and an 8 inch tablet in folio case, with the case for added protection and to make it easier to carry both in my mobility walker.
A very lovely bright purple!
I purchased this and another case to protect their laptops while carrying them around in the halls and in their book bags.
Unfortunately, I had to return this Case Logic sleeve because it was too small for my Dell Chromebook 11 (11.6 x 8.5"), but it looks and feels like a quality product.
I'm on my 3rd year of use with my original case and both the case and my laptop are still in perfect condition, despite my backpack being chucked around a bit more than I might like.
What are haters saying?
Does not fit an 11.6 lap top.
Will not zipper closed.. Too small.. Waist of money!
Did not fit my Dell i3146 11.5" laptop properly.
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