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(Carton 10 Packs) 100% Nicotine Free(Cocoa Bean Sticks) Menthol Flavor

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Smoke Free USA, LLC.
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  • 100% Tobacco Free -100% Nicotine Free
  • An alternative to the Patch, Pill, and the Gum
  • Quit Smoking Aid
  • Smoke Free Were Use in NBC/ Saturday Night Live
  • Smoke Free Sticks Were Use In The Movie The Brave One 2007 Starring Jodie Foster
Smoke Free Sticks Selected from the tender outer layer of the Cocoa Bean. 100% tobacco and nicotine free
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green quote
I quit for three months on just one carton, I was a heavy smoker 3 packs a day.
green quote
Went through 2 or 3 packs of these the first day and thought I am not going to be able to afford this, but the next day smoke less and after that less than a pack a day.
green quote
Oh one thing that helped me, is I cut my self to smoke three cigs that first day I made my self smoke these so I had I real cig about once every five hours I told my self if I want to smoke it was smoke these fake cigs or nothing and it help.
green quote
You just have to get past the first day once you do that you should make it, you adjust to the taste and it is the hand to mouth and seeing the real smoke that gets you past the nicotine desire and that only last three days clean or it would not have taken me five days.
green quote
I've been smoking for yearssssss and took advantage of the quarantine to quit smoking i was very skeptical however after the 3rd pack i've quit!
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