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CARTMAN Windshield Sun Shade 63" x 34", Cool Free - A Powerful UV Ray Deflector, Car Sunshade to Keep Your Vehicle Cool and Damage Free, Snow Shade


Imagine a windshield sun shade keeping you comfortable during the hot days, why not stop the ☀ now, & cool off some! Our sun shades will turn down the heat in your interior, so you can enjoy driving without being sweaty or miserable any more!

  CARTMAN Windshield Sun Shade 63
  CARTMAN Windshield Sun Shade 63
Keep your interior looking good, our sun shade protects your vehicle from UV damage, Its awesome! No more cracking or fading just all around solid protection, so you can maintain the integrity of your interior for years to come!
  CARTMAN Windshield Sun Shade 63
It's easy & convenient to use, a retractable style that folds down into a sleek pouch. Very nice! Now you will be able to easily store your sun shade without any hassle!
The great thing about our sun shades is that they fit really well with windshields that DO NOT EXCEED 63*29 inches! Good for SUV & Cars, we recommend our customers to measure first before purchasing, its very simple!
NOT good (big enough) for minivan
  CARTMAN Windshield Sun Shade 63


Are you Jeopardizing The Quality Of Your Interior? Ever Opened Your Door To A Blast Of Hot Air In Your Face?
We Have Good News, Our Sun Shades Will Help With This!

Shade-It provides the answer, your search for the best sun shade has just ended!

- Increase your comfort while travelling in the sun, it will reduce some of the heat, at least this is what the majority of our customers say!
- UV rays damage your interior, our sun shades stop this, no more fading, cracking, just all around solid protection!
- Our sun shades are more convenient then the bulky accordion style ones, it folds up small and is lightweight!
Our manufacturer has been in business for 10 years with 1000's of satisfied customers
don't just take our word for it, check the reviews!✔

Our shades are silver coated that act like a radiant barrier system, which protects your vehicle from 99% of UV damage, and reflects sun 95%. This helps with reducing some heat, and keeps your interior looking new, huge plus!
When you receive your sun shade from AutoFXProducts, you can expect it to:

- Be easy & convenient to use! Easily accessible and portable, our sunshades fold down 1/10 of size!
- Be of the highest quality material, nylon silver coated, strength and durability you can depend on!
- Fit your windshield - 63*29 inches!
- Come in a cool stylish pouch!
Enjoy using your sun shade for a long time with our 1 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
See more under Seller Warranty Description.

We believe in giving back, with your purchase we donate a portion to a family in need, Awesome✔

Go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button at the top right of this page, and get your new sun shade in a few days!

The current price is $5.99.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.45.
The current sales rank is 5013.
  CARTMAN Windshield Sun Shade 63
  Fans vs. Haters
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What are fans saying?
Easy to use, great price.
The Front one for the windshield is Not bad but it’s big for a Toyota Camry 2017,and i have to spend some time to make it fit as much as i can.
This shade is perfect it covers the windshield nice and folds easily.
Does the job I need it to do and the price was right.... Great Find!!
It's the perfect shade.
What are haters saying?
I purchased this particular sun shade due to it's specified 34" height, but since it is really only rigidly 28" tall I cannot use it as intended.
Frankly, i'd rather burn my hands and butt for a few minutes than sit in a hot car for hours trying to fold the thing up without hitting the rear view mirror and failing at shoving it that bag that not even big enough to place my burnt flesh in as a race to the hospital with third degree finger burns.
Really hard to fold up and no way to stay on the windshield.
It is a little awkward to unfold and put up in a small car.
The parts outside the two "circles" are somewhat floppy and take a little work to get in a good position.
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