Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter


Speaker and headphone splitter allows you to connect 2 headsets or speakers to 1 jack

  Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter
  Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter
Offers an easy way to connect 2 mini-stereo speakers to your iPod
Features one male 1/8 inch miniplug and two female 1/8 inch ends
Works great with laptops
Lifetime warranty
  Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter
Belkins Speaker and Headphone Splitter lets you connect two mini-stereo headphones or speakers to the same jack on your iPod, portable cassette, or CD player.
The current price is $3.49.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.25.
The current sales rank is .
  Belkin Speaker and Headphone Splitter
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What are fans saying?
This turned out to be the wrong size and I found one I already had so didn't use it but it looks like a quality piece so I'm giving it 5 stars on spec.
Been using them for over a year now and they're working good as new.Even using one as a simple coupler (all i had on hand at the time) That worked well also.
It works.
What are haters saying?
I was super disappointed because I was going to use it on the plane so both my sister and I could watch a movie but we were very upset we couldn't.
When I plug it to my phone and two of us are trying to listen - the sound is terrible !!!!!
The audio on both headphones sounds like they are being passed through a filter, that removes half the mids and most of the highs.I tried this on my Nintendo Switch and can't hear Mario make any sounds in Mario Odyssey.If I could return it I could, but for whatever reason defective items aren't returnable to Amazon.
The sound is barely audible when you for what it is designed for, a headphone splitter.
I tried to watch a movie with my mom so we plugged in our headphones but what do you know, it doesn’t work properly!
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