Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor Pkg/1 (White/Blue Assorted Colors)


This anchor fits most size umbrellas using a thumbscrew tightening mechanism

  Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor Pkg/1 (White/Blue Assorted Colors)
  Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor Pkg/1 (White/Blue Assorted Colors)
The comfortable handles increase torque to allow users to turn the unit easily
Anchor remains firmly in the sand to secure beach umbrellas and fishing rods
This multi purpose anchor is made from high quality ABS plastic and can be used to safely secure beach umbrellas, fishing rods and other camping/sporting equipment to the ground.
The current price is $4.00.
The overall customer satisfaction rating of this product is Good with a score of +0.37.
The current sales rank is 35277.
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What are fans saying?
It worked great.
I have another one of these but it's a little smaller (it works great) but i like this one better, it really works on gusty days on the beach.
Have not had a chance to use it yet, but it is very well made.
I use this for anchoring our sea doo and works well.
I used this on the beach, it worked great.
What are haters saying?
So it takes a good bit of effort to bury it in the sand, and it still comes loose.
Unfortunately when I went to use this the anchor it did not fit the umbrellas I bought so I was unble to use it when I went to the beach.
The augur blade does not extend to the tip of the anchor so you are just forcing the first 2 inches into the sand.
I would not even give this product 1 star.
Would not go into the sand at the beach - tried in various spots.
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