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Peta-UK Table Top Scissors - Plastic Base, 45mm Round Blade


Large "T" shaped handle to assist grip and leverage

  Peta-UK Table Top Scissors - Plastic Base, 45mm Round Blade
  Peta-UK Table Top Scissors - Plastic Base, 45mm Round Blade
Brightly colored base aids visual differentiation
Stainless steel blades with secure fixing to handles
Discreet spring to automatically reopen the scissors
Rubber feet prevent scissors slipping on surface
Designed for use by children and adults with very limited strength and control, or for use one-handed. The brightly colored green plastic base provides stability while keeping the product lightweight. Push the paper or card along the base until in position, then depress the "T" shaped handle to cut. The spring will automatically reopen the blades in readiness for the next cut. It is often advantageous to use the more dexterous hand to manipulate the paper while the more affected hand works the scissors.
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It's light weight, and so easy to use.
It's great for my son and cutting.
The school had purchased these for his use and I am so happy I found these for him to use at our house.
He is able to use these scissors with one hand and loves doing crafts now .
Good idea but it’s plastic don’t think it would last very long so I returned it I wish it was better quality cause I really wanted this but the plastic it very thin .
What are haters saying?
No haters yet!
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