AirPod Skins & Charging Case Cover – Protective Silicone Cover and Stylish Wraps Bundle (Midnight Blue Case & Skin)


✔ STYLE AND PROTECTION - Defend both your Apple AirPods and the charging case they come in from daily wear and tear, and look great doing it.

  AirPod Skins & Charging Case Cover – Protective Silicone Cover and Stylish Wraps Bundle (Midnight Blue Case & Skin)
✔ COMFORT AND FUNCTION - The charger case is an ultra-lightweight slim fitting, impact resistant and absorbent silicone elastomer that allows for both a perfect fit and maximum protection. Our skins allow you to protect your AirPods from any scratches during the repeated in and out of the case.
✔ COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE - The case and AirPods will continue to work just like normal. You'll still have access to the sync button and lightning charger point access on the case. All tap, sensor and charging functions of the AirPods will operate normally. The AirPods will also still be compatible with straps and earhooks.
✔ USER FRIENDLY - Application & Removal of both items are hassle-free and easy to complete. Rest assured your AirPods and case will be safe during both.
✔ LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We stand behind our products and our #1 concern is your satisfaction. Buy with confidence knowing you'll always be taken care of, no questions asked. **$160 AirPods NOT included**
If you're looking for the ultimate protection AND style package for your Apple AirPods you've come to the right place.

**Each skin set includes 3 pieces for each AirPod (Left and Right) for better coverage and easier application.**

Our case will allow you to protect your charging case from scuffs and tumbles. On top of that you'll have the added unique look and protection of our skins.

Some key notes about our AirPod Cases:

  • They are super lightweight at only a half ounce
  • They provide a slim and snug fit so you can still tuck them away in your bag or pocket.
  • If dust gathers on the case (which happens sometimes due to the no slip texture) then simply wash with water and allow to air dry
  • They will prevent any discoloration, scratches, scuffs, knicks from happening to your apple designed case :)

Some key notes about our Skins:

  • Our skins are compatible with all AirPod straps.
  • Your AirPods will still fit and charge perfectly inside the OEM charging case.
  • They have been tested and proven to provide ZERO interference with electronic operation of your AirPods.
  • With comfort being of the utmost importance our design avoids any ear irritation, you won't notice a difference at all.

We're so confident in our product that we offer a 100% NO Questions Asked LIFETIME GUARANTEE! We've designed these skins with ease of install in mind. But of course we understand that mistakes happen:

  • Have an issue installing...No problem!
  • Have an issue 2 months after installation...No problem!
  • Color doesn't look like what you thought...No problem!

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction is our #1 concern. Oh yeah...don't be worried if you're not a prime member...we offer FREE USA first class shipping!

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What are fans saying?
And should you really screw up (like I did the first time...
But I must say it was not an issue with the product but rather the circumstances when I did it) - the company was great with getting back to me and a new set is on the way.
As someone who scoffed at first at the design of the airpods, these skins are a must have if you like the functionality of airpods but are not a fan of the design and look of them.
Installation was very easy and looks great if you take your time to align all the cutouts and holes correctly.
The case is amazing, but the skins aren’t all that great for covering up a majority of the AirPods.
What are haters saying?
Not easy to install.
Was very disappointed by this product.
The AirPod case keep coming out of the skin.
Does not look like the ad.
Super easy install for both case and headphonesBut where I think they failed at was the silicon case the top slides off when u try to open it and it’s very annoying because u have to rather mash really hard to open it or u have to move the rubber piece then open itIf they fixed that in my opinion they would have a grate product.
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