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8 Inch True Left Handed Scissors N5210l


Kai True Left Handed Scissor

  8 Inch True Left Handed Scissors N5210l
Includes both left handed handle and blades
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Kai True Left Handed Scissor
The current price is $19.99.
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What are fans saying?
They are amazing for cutting fabric - you get that nice sound as they cut.
Now I use these as my "good" scissors that I save for my expensive fabrics.
KAI makes good blades, but the handles on these scissors are not comfortable for larger hands.
Really worth the price.My wife is left handed and love them, says these are the best she has ever used.
I love these scissors!
What are haters saying?
However, we have the Kai 5210 (right-handed) and my thumb fits it just fine.
And yes, tried both on the same hand (not the result of a variation between my thumbs).
Sadly, as we love Kai scissors, had to return it for another brand.
The only thing I like is that they are left-handed but that does me no good since, they won't cut anything!
I have the right-handed version of these and they're great, but this pair couldn't cut anything.
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