115 Hour Plus Emergency Candle Clear Mist


Liquid paraffin, odorless and smokeless

  115 Hour Plus Emergency Candle Clear Mist
Definite home emergency item
Packaged with a plastic storage cap, so you won't have to worry about messy spills
Thoughtful neighbor, friend, or family gift
Very safe source of light
Burns liquid paraffin for about 115 hours of light. It is also odorless and smokeless, making it a great emergency light source. Keep one handy with a book of matches taped to it for your next power outage. The liquid fuel is sealed inside, with only the wick exposed. You can extinguish, and use again and again. A very safe source of light! One 115 hour candle. This candle should be used only with adult supervision. Remember, safety first!
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What are fans saying?
Put this in my bug out bag and hope I don't have to use it, but resting easy knowing it's there if I do.
Will be nice to have when the lights go out and for camping.
I bought this years ago & put in my emergency kit.
I bought this just for emergencies!
I bought a case (24) back in 1999 for y2k.
What are haters saying?
This sounded like a great idea.
It was tossed in a big box and did not have a box of its own, not a good idea.
Can I take the metal lid off and get the wick up?
It's not ready to use in the event of a blackout, thats for sure.Does ANYONE know how to get the wick up further?
The metal cap has a hole VERY tightly constricted and I wish I knew exactly what to do to fix this.
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