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Hi everyone, today we bring you the best ways to organize your eyeshadow palettes in an aesthetically pleasing way. If you are an avid collector of eyeshadow and other makeup palettes you've probably gotten to the point where they are all stacked up somewhere collecting dust. You end up forgetting the great palettes you've collected because they are out of sight and out of mind! When you organize them you'll end up using them more, which means you can buy more ;)!

There are many solutions to store your eyeshadow palettes and what you choose is mostly around your personal style and the size of your makeup collection. Here are some of the best and creative ways to display all of your eyeshadow palettes!

ANPHSIN 16 Pieces Plastic Little Easels Stand Holders to Display Plate Picture 5 Inch/ 6 Inch/ 7 Inch/ 8 Inch- Clear

These easel stand holders are one of the sleekest ways to show off your palettes while saving space. The footprint of the holders do not take up a lot of space, and since they come in different heights, you can easily see the palettes in the back. Also, the clear legs don't get in the way of the look of the front of your palette. This is such a beautiful way to display your collection (stop saving your beautiful Pat McGrath palettes for later!).

Boao 12 Packs Mini Clear Acrylic Easel Stands Coin Display Easel (Style B)

If you prefer something more simple, these minimal acrylic stands are great for displaying your eyeshadow palettes. It will look like they're on display in a museum. For these, since they are the same height, you want to place your smallest palettes in front and the largest palettes in back (looking at you, Tati palette).

Leatherette Risers Set by Gems on Display

If you have any stacked palettes (like the Melt Stack Pro Palette or the Kaja Eyeshadow Trio), or any liquid eyeshadows (like the STILA Shimmer & Glow, sooo pretty) or even any fragrances, I really like these leatherette risers. The black looks really stylish and the black color lets you focus on the beauty products themselves. I feel like if you have a beautiful display you'll use your products so much more! These risers really elevate the look and feel of any eyeshadow palettes or pigments that aren't the traditional rectangle size.

Jusalpha 3 Tier Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Amiibo Funko POP Figures, Cupcakes Stand, Food Display Stand, Cabinet, 3 Steps for Decoration and Organizer (1 Set)

If the black doesn't fit your aesthetic, these acrylic organizers are another beautiful way to store your non-rectangular palettes. Since they have the three levels, you can store a lot of products and still see all of them really well. Honestly your makeup will look like they do on display in store!

VOSTOR Files Folder Stand Desktop File Organizer, Triangle Wire Magazine Holder Book Shelf, 9 Slot File Sorter Eye-catching Decoration for Indoor Office Home, Photography Props, Fashion in INS(Gold)

Back to rectangular palettes, this is another trendy yet space-saving way to organize your eyeshadow palettes! Since the sides are not blocked, you can see the cover of your palettes easily and removing them for use is super simple as well. If you like to use a different eyeshadow palette a day, this is great since the palettes will just slide out of the organizer. This is definitely the most space efficient method of storage so if you're looking for something to fit in a tight space, this is a great option.

Simmer Stone Magazine Holder File Sorter, Metal 5 Slot Desk Organizer Rack for Document, Folder, Letter and Book, Rose Gold, Pentastar Shape

Here's another alternative that has a star pattern! This could be better if you want to organize smaller eyeshadow palettes since the star pattern has a smaller width at the bottom of the design.

Ollieroo Natural Bamboo Desk Organizer with Extendable Storage for Office and Home, CD Holder Media Rack

If you like a warm and cozy wood vibe, then this expandable organizer is really a great way to store your eyeshadow palettes. The length of the storage space is extendable, so you can adjust it to exactly fit the width of all your palettes. Also, there is a cute little mini drawer and shelf at the end so you can place liquid eyeshadows on top and any makeup or skincare samples in the little drawers.

CY craft 4 Pieces Bookends,Clear Acrylic Bookends for Shelves,Heavy Duty Book Ends and Desktop Organizer,Book Stopper for Books/Movies/CDs,7.3 ×4.8× 4.8 inch

If you like the bookshelf idea but want something super minimal and non-obvious, these clear acrylic bookends are really modern and beautiful! These will keep your eyeshadow palettes nice and packed and take up minimal space on your dresser or shelf.

Homfa Tree Bookshelf BookRack, 9-Shelf Bookcase, Artistic Book Organizer, Space-Saving CDs Albums Books Holder in Living Room Office, Grey

If you have a LOT of eyeshadow palettes, I really recommend this tree bookshelf to hold your eyeshadow palettes. You can organize them into each section and use your eyeshadow palettes as display in your room. This is super aesthetically pleasing and it'll encourage you to use all of the palettes in your collection.

MyGift Rustic Barnwood Gray Tilted Desktop Decorative Storage Organizer Display Bookshelf

I also really like this option if you prefer a more rustic chic option. Because the bookshelf is tilted upwards, it makes it really easy to grab your attention. It makes it easy to organize all your eyeshadow palettes and the shelf is such a nice color!

brightmaison Wooden Book Holder Decorative Free-Standing Bookend 4-Slot Magazine Mail File Rack Office Desktop Organizer Décor Display Natural Unfinish Wood

If you have a minimal palette collection, this could be a cute option! The light wood color is really warm and the display would look super cute. I really like how this is tiered as well, so that you can see the palettes in the back nicely. The little wood dowels are a nice touch too since that means you can see the front of the palettes clearly!

Crystal Clear Acrylic Desktop File Sorter Holder - Lucite Mail, Paper, File Folder Organizer – Eyeshadow, Makeup Palette and Electronics Organizer - Thick Cast Acrylic - Unum - 9" x 6.75" x 6.5"

If you like the clear aesthetic look, I like this option as a good choice for holding lots of palettes in a compact space. This works really well if you have smaller palettes mixed with larger eyeshadow or face palettes, since the tiered backing will look nice with smaller ones up front and larger or longer palettes in the back!

C.R. Gibson Rose Gold Clear Acrylic File Holder

Here's a beautiful rose gold version. If the rosy pink look is more your vibe, this is a really pretty way to display your collection. It also have anti-slip pads on the bottom to prevent them from shifting around.

Simmer Stone Desktop Letter Sorter, Organizer for Mails Books Files Brochures Postcards Makeups, 3 Slot, Rose Gold

If you like the rustic look but still love rose gold anything, this is also a super cute organizer for your palettes. You can also fit any sheet masks or bigger bottles such as fixing spray in the back as well!

Unum Clear Acrylic Desktop File Organizer, 13-Inch x 10.5-Inch x 6-Inch

Here's a bigger version of the clear acrylic stands that fits 6 palettes in each. If your eyeshadow palette collection is growing, this is a really pretty option to store them in an aesthetically pleasing way!

Crystal Clear Acrylic Pencil Holder Cup - Acrylic Makeup Brush Organizers; Pen Holders/Cups for Desk - Handcrafted of Premium Cast Acrylic - by Unum

Here's a matching brush holder in the clear acrylic style. It will look really sleek next to your eyeshadow organizers and I love that it is clear so you can see what brush you're grabbing. If you throw in some small pebbles or sand, it'll make your brushes stand upright and look so stylish since it's clear!

5 Pcs Desk Organizer- Pen Organizer Storage for Office, School, Home Supplies, Translucent White Pen Storage Holder, Set of 3, 2 Cups 14 Compartments (White)

If you have a lot of brushes, eyeliners, or eyeshadow sticks (I'm eyeing the Laura Mercier Caviar eyeshadow sticks!) I really like this supplies organizer that's made of this light white translucent color. They can fit so much since there are little sections that stack vertically. This makes such good use of space, and you can optionally pick the version that comes with a little cup holder to hold any bigger brushes!

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