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Here are 5 things to know before you buy a foot health care product: Shoe insert, Plantar fasciitis, Pain, Gel, and Shoe. Make sure you read our 2020 official guide on how to purchase a foot health care product if you don't know anything about foot health care products!

It could feel overwhelming to look at all the products if you haven't purchased foot health care products yourself, or haven't had it at all. This is why we gathered some information for you so you can be more confident before buying a foot health care product.

Things You Should Know

If you have some exposure to foot health care products or related types of products, you might already know what some of the words mean. But we don't want to assume that you know and make you struggle while reading product descriptions. Here are the 5 words you need to know:

  • Shoe insert (Insoles): A removable shoe insert, otherwise known as a foot orthosis, insole or inner sole accomplishes many number of purposes, including daily wear comfort, height enhancement, plantar fasciitis treatment, arch support, foot and joint pain relief from arthritis, overuse, injuries, leg length discrepancy, and other causes such as orthopedic correction and athletic performance.
  • Plantar fasciitis (Plantar): Plantar fasciitis is a disorder of the connective tissue which supports the arch of the foot. It results in pain in the heel and bottom of the foot that is usually most severe with the first steps of the day or following a period of rest.
  • Pain: Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli. The International Association for the Study of Pain's widely used definition defines pain as "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage".
  • Gel: A gel is a semi-solid that can have properties ranging from soft and weak to hard and tough. Gels are defined as a substantially dilute cross-linked system, which exhibits no flow when in the steady-state.
  • Shoe (Shoes): A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot. Shoes are also used as an item of decoration and fashion.

Appropriate Price Range

Foot health care products are normally priced in the range of$5.75 - $53.23 per item. So if a foot health care product's price is outside of this range, you should question if the product is actually sold, or the price is worth it.


There are so many options out there on Amazon, but our recommendations can be a good starting point to read and find out what you need.

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