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What does ReviewFinch do and who is behind this?


Hello, smart shoppers!

I know you're always trying to purchase the right item for your needs in the smartest way possible—by researching on the internet. That's why we call you smart shoppers! You probably landed on this website in the midst of doing so, because you want you and your loved ones to have the best. Well, you're in luck! ReviewFinch is a website that is built to help you save both time and money when you shop online, by analzying millions of online product reviews and data out there on the internet automatically through machine learning and natural language processing algorithms. Wait... what does that even mean, you say?

You've probably already heard about those crazy stories about AI on television—self-driving cars, AI beating the Go world champion, etc. The world is changing so fast with AI, but how you shop online hasn't changed a bit while these AI revolutions are happening. We strongly believe that your online shopping experience can be much improved with the same technology that enables the crazy stories you've seen on the news. That's what ReviewFinch is about. We incorporate these state-of-the-art algorithms that are fueling the 4th industrial revolution to provide you more personal and knowledgeable online shopping experience—the shopping experience you deserve as a citizen living in the 21st century. Don't rely on a few blog posts that you happen to land on from a quick Google search to make a purchasing decision—instead, rely on ReviewFinch to give you all the relevant information you need. Don't miss out on the future shopping experience!

About us


We are epilet, a bootstrapping 2-person startup passionately dedicated to make online shopping more personal and knowledgeable. We are software engineers with a background in data engineering/machine learning, and also avid Amazon Prime shopping lovers!

If you'd like to read more about how we build this website and our thoughts, please visit our company blog.

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