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You're talking to your personal shopper :) Feel free to ask us for any requests!

If you're a content creator who reviews products, let us explain what ReviewFinch means for you.


There are thousands of professional reviews about a product out there on the internet, talking about many aspects that each brilliant product reviewer brings to light. In other words, this is a very competitive space to be in. In fact, Jane, our AI personal shopper, also writes reviews! As a reviewer, when you discovered this website, you might be thinking, "Is this my new competitor?". The answer is no. Let us explain what kind of relationship we are proposing to you and how we will help change today's online shopping experience for everyone.

The transition from offline to online

Online Retail MarketToday's retail market is rapidly changing. More than 10 years ago, sales made online were only 5.1% of the total retail sales in the US. But, in 2019, it was 16%. It tripled! But unfortunately, with this transition, shoppers lost the old way to interact with and learn about the product before buying—things like trying out products in store, or asking an expert in person. Naturally, smart online shoppers began to seek for a personal voice that vouches for and shows you the products they're buying. And this is where you've been helping them, by bridging this gap between the new lifestyle and the old trust model of shopping. By creating content online, be it a blog post, a news article, or a YouTube video, you are helping them learn about a product, so they can be more confident in this new scarily convenient money spending.

However, the current way of delivering your contents to online shoppers, unless you have millions of subscribers, is ineffective. If you ask any online shopper where they learn about a product, they will answer, search engines and social media, like Google or YouTube. They search for a keyword that shows millions of other things and this is a problem. Here's why:

  1. Those platforms are not designed for products or product reviews (e.g. you search for a cat, you see a cute video of a cat purring instead of products for cats!)
  2. Because of that, to deliver your product content to online shoppers effectively, you have to fight the noise (by doing SEO, paid traffic, etc)
That is huge inefficiency! We often hear sad stories of really good reviews not getting enough viewership due to poor keyword density, or due to high bounce rate because you made an one-pager quick fact sheet. We see that the goal of general search engines does not serve well for this segment of online users. What if there is a search engine for product reviews and your contents can be highlighted to better educate online shoppers?

What ReviewFinch does

We don't market ReviewFinch as a search engine. But effectively, we are a search engine for products and its reviews on the internet. We'd like to feature your informative product reviews and help smart shoppers learn about a product quickly. In other words, you get extra targeted traffic from smart online shoppers who are eager to listen to what you have to say about a product. We will "index" your reviews and match it with the right products, using product/e-commerce specific metrics. We plan to improve our search experience to highlight your contents in a more effective way!

To owners of YouTube channels, Wordpress blogs, Subreddits

These platforms provide an interface that enables us to discover and feature your product reviews automatically. Your contents might be already featured on ReviewFinch! If not and you would like to be featured on ReviewFinch, please send us an email!

I use something else. What about me and my content?

We want to broaden our platform support to feature more informative product reviews online. Please contact us so we can work with you to support your platform!

Constantly improving

ReviewFinch is improving every day, so stay tuned! If you have questions, drop us an email at, or comment below!